Today there was a heinous crime at The Farm.

Having nipped out of the office to check on the whisky still, Annie Admin returned, barely five minutes later, to find a stealthy chicken tucking into one of the the freshly picked tomatoes.   It was The Evil One.  The one that pursues me around the garden.  She douses herself with soil, like a feathery Cleopatra bathing in asses’ milk, whilst destroying all in her fat little breast’s way.  Her wicked claws are used as daggers to spitefully slash plants.  Her devilish eye, quick to spot weakness, takes advantage of any gap, newly planted specimen or sickly seedling.  And when I ask a holidaying child which is their favourite animal they invariably say “the chickens”.  “Wrong” I say “Try again”.  Temptress, sorceress, beguiler of small folk.  Now she is a thief.  She shows no remorse.  We may have to have an exorcism.

The photo is of an angelic scabious with godly golden bottomed bee.  There is always balance.

10 thoughts on “Balance

  1. I love bumble bees, whatever flowers they are visiting. Bombus terrestris, Buff-Tailed, is my favourite but your golden bottomed bee is lovely too.

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