Going Strong


I have been thinking about next season for a while now.  Making, mainly mental, notes about what needs to be moved, removed or encouraged.  New projects are bubbling up and remedies sought for any obvious mistakes.  Although these are valuable exercises, I must remember to appreciate the now, to live a little more in the moment.  It is still going strong out there and if I’m not careful I will miss it!

11 thoughts on “Going Strong

  1. We do tend to get too wrapped up in the “to do” list, forgetting to enjoy the now. Jobs begin to seem overwhelming. Don’t let time make you a victim, it goes quickly. This little patch of gorgeousness realizes that its time will run out. Enjoy it while it allows.

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  2. You are right, but as gardeners we just can’ t help forward planning. However lovely the garden looks, it is difficult to simply sit back and enjoy it. Odd really, because if we were artists we wouldn’ t be obsessively daubing again and again at the same canvas.

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    1. How often do we say “It was looking really good last week when the xyz was out”, or “It will be lovely when the abc is in bloom”. Worse still “perhaps next year it will do its stuff”. Enjoy it for what it is, winter will be with us all too soon…

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    2. I expect artists are just as bad, I know musicians are. I think for anyone that is creating something it is difficult to say it is finished because we think we can always make it better. Often it is something as mundane as a deadline that causes a work of art in whatever form, to be called complete.


  3. Planning ahead is often on my agenda, one of these days I will follow Vita’s and Christo’s timely advice and write my ideas down in a notebook so I can remember what I had planned. Otherwise I will have forgotten by planting time.


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