Perfect Planting


Today I have worked in my own garden.  I know, that must be three times this year.  Do you think I’m over doing it?  I only touched the surface of what needs to be done, but I suppose I made an effort and a few things were crossed off the list.

Let me try to explain my woeful neglect.  The reason might sound a little like that interview question “what is your greatest failing?”, reply “I work too hard”, but please bear with me.  The truth is that I fear going out there because I know that I will held captive for hours.  Just one more weed/repot/cutting/seed sown/prune …… and before you know it the moon is high and the bats are flying.  As I live part-time in the real world, other things are calling to me.  It is just too dangerous to even step foot outside the back door.  Am I forgiven?  Am I believed?

The above photo bears no resemblance to my garden.  It is Knoll Gardens in Dorset.  To me this combination of rudbeckia and aster is pure perfection.   I stood in front of it and sighed.  I needed to be tugged away by my ear to enjoy the further and varied delights of this wonderful oasis.

16 thoughts on “Perfect Planting

  1. I know the feeling. At least I don’t have other gardens to look after now I’m retyred (not a mis-spelling – my waist measurement has increased since I opted for the easy life sooner than I ought to have done). But at the start of each year I say to myself “This year I’m going to enjoy the garden”. As long as I merely look at it through windows I might. But step outside and that’s it. And as I have bats roosting in my cavity wall (which is another story!), I usually end up watching them flying around. But next year I’m going to relax in the garden………..

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  2. Perfect complementary colours! And, yes, I do believe you. It’s not only the rising of the moon and the flying of the bats. I’m getting older and I have to pace myself in order to avoid pain as much as I can. However, the habits of a lifetime of gardening are hard to change and it often happens that I work in the garden longer than I should. My joints complain and all other tasks fall by the wayside. Your problem is more complex–working hard in other people’s gardens and needing some other activities in your life. Lucky for me, it’s raining today. I’m not going to work in the garden.

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  3. I was just about to say “Oh well done Gill, nice planting” and it was…. but not yours! Stop making excuses (although Knoll was fantastic) and get out there and have some fun. Where else can you do exactly as you want and answer to no one? You can even paint just half of your toe nails and no one will comment:) xx

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  4. Don ‘t beat yourself up.You know you could make an equally good combo given time etc but as it is ,you also keep us entertained and enthused and you make me smile a lot .


  5. Oh dear, I DO so understand, I am the same, still you can rely on sheer exhaustion to bring you in eventually, or these days the sun sets earlier whichever comes first.

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  6. Knoll Gardens on my wish list. Also, note to self, move some Rudbeckia fulgida var. deamii next to the Aster frikartii ‘Monch’, thank you so much for the beautiful photo and stunning combination.

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  7. I don’ t know Knoll, although this is a combination I have in my garden. Sometime it would be nice to have a look at your garden. You never show it. Or is it really a case of the cobbler’ s children having no shoes?

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    1. I have had pictures of some of my plants on in the past, the watsonia were mine and erodium and others I can’t remember. It is a tiny garden, lots of plants that are meant to be in pots and plenty that are not meant to be! After my Bristol garden and then Cliffe, I have struggled to have a meaningful relationship with it, but it is improving. 🙂


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