I’m not usually a fan of this “Day” thing.  Every week there seems to be another one – Hamster Day,  Flares Day,  Macrame Day …… you name it, there is an appointed date.   They are rarely of any import.

Today is International Peace Day.  Which of course is quite different.

The photograph above was chosen especially.  The observant among you will have notice the figure on the right, dwarfed by trees in both stature and magnificence.  He is insignificant in comparison to the noble arboreal giants.  It is time to accept our transience.  Let us make the most of our fleeting days on this beautiful earth.  We need to desist from snatching what we want from those who are weaker than ourselves.  Instead we should share the great riches that we do possess.

Come on, leaders and followers alike, shall we make harmony not discord our watchword and strive towards every day being International Peace Day?  Simple words I admit, but can it really be that difficult?

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