Some of you will look at this delicate oxalis flower and smile.  Some of you will put your head in your hands and rock gently whilst quietly moaning.  I am of the latter persuasion.  Today I have spent a fair proportion of my time digging this little monster up.  It grows rampant in the shadier back of border, as befits a wood sorrel.  Do not be fooled by its fine features.  Spreading by way of fine rhizomes just below the surface, it punches with a velvet glove.  The slim white threads are brittle and it is nigh on impossible to remove them all.  Those who believe they can will be sorely disappointed.  Naturally it will return, but hopefully a little chastened.  And when I’ve had a chance to recover.

7 thoughts on “Monster

  1. Get pragmatic! Have you considered the option of removing clods of soil with the oxalis in them, rather than removing the oxalis from the soil, which you won’t? Dig holes and then back-fill later with clean topsoil. You need to get rid of its environment too. Otherwise you might as well take the Christmas approach. Hoe, hoe, hoe. Or consider containing it – shove a 6″ deep barrier of pond liner or damp-proof membrane around the clump and leave it to prettify its patch. In the country it’ll probably be back next year even if you nuke it. Don’t waste wine time!

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