Campanula poscharskyana
Campanula poscharskyana – Serbian bellfower

The summer flower garden is like a large box of soft centres, so full of delights you aren’t sure which to enjoy first.

At this time of year it is quite different.  Our blooms are increasingly akin to the Quality Street toffee that you find down the back of the sofa in a moment of great need.

This archaeological discovery is just as delicious and perhaps even more appreciated*.  Maybe a little tatty at the edges, but definitely as sweet a treat.

* This does not mean that if you are thinking of buying me a present you should ever consider toffee.  A big box of dark chocolates, thanks all the same.

7 thoughts on “Sweet

  1. If, after the planet dies, we are visited by aliens they will, no doubt, decide that our gods looked like cars and that most houses had multiple small representations of the gods in them. As well as bigger idols outside. If they look down the backs of sofas, they will determine that our currency was based on round golden things, a bit more than an inch in diameter. And that we wrapped our coinage in thin plastic film.

    They may also determine that our coinage was good for painlessly (hopefully) removing loose fillings! Preferably on a day when the dentist’s surgery was open. Feel free to DM for choccies!

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