Lessons Learnt

Linaria purpurea - Purple Toadflax
Linaria purpurea – Purple Toadflax

I have got a new camera.  Someone may have noticed.  Perhaps not.  This time I am going to look after it.  No incidents with ponds or compost bins or tarmac.  Honestly, I am going to try really hard to keep it safe.  It has a brand new, pristine, case and it will live in my work bag.  Admittedly these are less than Operating Theatre conditions, but marginally better than residing in my pocket alongside associated string, half eaten humbugs, tissues, labels, seeds and mud.  This spotless camera will only be taken out when absolutely necessary.  For example, when I want to take a photograph.

Linaria purpurea, the Purple Toadflax, shamelessly spreads itself about, popping up here, there and everywhere.  In Lavinia’s Garden of Renegades it is very much at home.  On Friday, a day blessed by both sun and warmth, a beautiful Red Admiral landed for perhaps his last feast before hibernation.  By the time I had rummaged in my bag, found my camera amongst the cornucopia of very important stuff that lives there and returned, it had got bored of posing and flown to its next feeding station.  So, I’m afraid you will have to use your imagination.  Just squint up your eyes and place a hypothetical butterfly on the first flower.  This may well be happening a lot.

14 thoughts on “Lessons Learnt

  1. I’m afraid that catching images on the spot and keeping the camera in its case are not compatible goals to be set 😉 There is a difficult choice to be made ;)))

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  2. A real conundrum, camera in a safe place and miss the photo opportunities, camera at the ready and at risk! My new compact has its own new case and how long will it stay in it?


    1. When a decent camera costs several £hundred, you do worry. I found a cheap used one on eBay for about £25. Has an on/off button, macro button and rudimentary zoom. And a big button to shoot (good if you’ve got gardening gloves on). Does ok with its 8MP and does it quickly too! Good enough for blogging/social media and no worries if I drop it. Means my Canon’s a lot safer too! Only downside is I have to transfer pics to the PC using the memory card and have to remove the battery to get at that! Oh, and the charger’s bigger than the camera!

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