We have a thing about teasels in our house.

When we lived in Bristol we grew a monster teasel.  In truth we neither planted it or nurtured it, it just appeared.  Then one day it was so large that we could watch the goldfinches feast on the seed from our first floor bathroom window.  It was truly a monster teasel.

When we moved to North Devon a seedling piggybacked on one of the many pots we brought with us.  This seedling in turn has spawned others that appear regularly in our front garden.  Now they have moved next door, much to the amusement of my lovely neighbour.  “What is it?” she asked, “Don’t worry” I said “It is son of Monster Teasel and it will bring you good luck and feasting birds.” She agreed this was reason enough not to dig it up.  When the northerly winds visit they sway in unison, spreading any remaining seed far and wide.

We love teasels in our house.

11 thoughts on “Sway

  1. Oooh, you teasel you! Or are you secretly a bus company? You know, we wait for ages and then we get three together? I hope you also told your neighbour to let her neighbour know that they’ll have teasels in a few years! Funny old plant. One of those which either grows for you in abundance or tells you to go away. They tell me to go away! Like red valerian. Tried and failed to grow it for years. Then next door planted some. It grew away madly. Next door don’t understand the concept of deadheading. I now have the damned plant growing everywhere I don’t want it to.

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  2. I’m in two minds about teasels, but your fantastic photo and your lovely tale, have made me think I might give them another chance….. if they’ll let me!


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