A wonderful day at The Farm.  Absence definitely has made my heart grow fonder.  And it was pretty fond already.  I planted out Allium atropurpureumBrodiaea laxa ‘Queen Fabiola’ and Anemone blanda.  I primped and preened and mulched and collected seed and my horticultural zeal was invigorated.

Then, as I was dragging my tired feet towards the greenhouse to tidy tools and do a last check of the cossetted ones, a flitting in the blackthorn trees caught my attention.  Something made me stand, silently, and wait for the story to unfold.  As my eyes grew accustomed to the gloom I started to pick them out, first one, then another, then a dozen long tailed tits.  These tiny birds, looking like ping pong balls wearing their big brother’s tail, weightlessly hopped from branch to bough, impossible for me to capture.  It was an all too fleeting visit, soon they were on their way to where ever these bijou beauties reside.  This spectacle made my day.  Which to be honest had been pretty good already.

12 thoughts on “Missed

  1. Absolutely adore LTTs. Malvern Man says I have a happy fit whenever I see them on our walks. I caught a glimpse of a Firecrest today~ another teensy weensy adorable little bird.
    We’re so lucky!

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  2. That’s a fab photo, though your post title seems to imply that you shot at the birds without success. A few points in sharp focus and the rest a blur, probably due to the gun recoiling. Today’s spellchecker thing is “Boadicea” so I can’t make a witty comment on your alliums*, even if I could think of one. But what happened to your post on “planetariums” which proved a popular subject yesterday?

    *this may appear as “Vallium”, “alluviums” or “gallium”. Off to consult a dictionary.

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  3. They are such gorgeous little creatures. One snowy day a few years ago when we got that REAL snow down here, 14 of them appeared, consumed all the seed in a feeder then flitted off and we have rarely seen them since!

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