16 thoughts on “Shopping

  1. No doubt your beloved’s greatest wish is for you to be happy. This birthday has, indirectly, made you happy. So you have already given the greatest present anyone could wish for.


  2. I’ ve always thought we should all buy our own presents as we always get it just right.
    I have quite a few of these old wildflower books, many of them, like this, written by clergymen. What a pleasant, leisurely life they lead.
    Why don’ t you suggest to your beloved that he should buy his own presents and then he will get just what he wants. It’ s the only way to avoid disappointment.


    1. What a good idea, although he is pretty well sorted for this time! Hope he isn’t disappointed. Glad we have the same taste in books, although I often buy them for their titles only and they in a pile with the rest! Shame on me. 🙂


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