Podocarpus salignus

Podocarpus salignus

Honey I’m home!

And who was here to greet me?  None other than my recent acquaintance, Mrs Stinky Sick Migraine. Her visit left me unable to do anything today except languish in self pity.  This unwelcome guest would not take the hint (“be off with you”, “must get on”, “hasta la vista, baby”) and hung about until slightly earlier this evening.  A wasted day.

I am going to use this wonderful Podocarpus salignus, admired in a Penzance public garden this weekend, as a metaphor for my day.  Droopy, blurry and green.

23 thoughts on “Podocarpus salignus

  1. You poor thing! Not that you’re a “thing” of course. But that’s what we’re supposed to say, even if you’re not droopy, blurry and green any more. Though we only have your word for that. Having never actually “seen” you, I can only hope that you don’t have a grey head with bulging eyes and lumpy bits encased in an upside-down fish bowl containing whatever it is you breathe. My old doc once recommended that if I had a migraine I should drink several large glasses of whisky. “Will that cure it?” I asked. “No,” he replied, “but drink enough and you’ll fall over inebriate and snore until long after the headache has gone.” Still, glad you’re better now. And sounds like you enjoyed your break in Cornwall.


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