Ancient Wisteria


It is easy to imagine that all kinds of sprites, piskies and imps live in the bole of this ancient wisteria.  In fact, if you look very carefully, you might convince yourself that you have seen one.  I did.  There is little doubt that is all kinds of less fanciful creatures (also) live here.  Hibernating ladybirds, butterflies and perhaps even bees will be tucked into nooks and crannies.  Many other invertebrates will be finding protection in arms of this vast tanglement of vine and soon birds will be nesting in its arms.  Once flowering, this colossus will attract a million pollinators who in turn will help to feed some of our avian friends.  Its beauty will also beguile many human admirers who will stand in awe at the magnificence of its dripping blooms.  Perversely, there will also be those who stride by, oblivious to the spectacle, heedless to the faeries’ faces staring out at them.  We should feel sorry for these inattentive people.  Perhaps I should maintain a vigil and steer any distracted folk in the right direction.  I may need a regular supply of sandwiches and a flask of gin to keep my strength up. Any volunteers?

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