Geranium palmatum

This little chap made me very happy on Monday, not quite as happy as the day old lamb, but it was close.  However, no sooner had Happiness landed, it was unceremoniously shoved out of the way by that old bully Worry.

This muddy, singularly unimpressive plantlet is a self-seeded Geranium palmatum.  The mother is close by and flowered halfheartedly last year, we are hoping for a better effort this season. The discovery of a seedling, nestled amongst a tangle of weeds, made me shout out and manically gesture towards.  I believe this was slightly disturbing for those who had the misfortune to witnessed it.  “Quick” I cried “let us rescue this babe from such bad company, release it from the motley crew which is threatening to strangle it”. So pronto(ish) I weeded around it, fed and mulched the area, all the while purring encouragement and platitudes.

Then it began, the worries started to wheedle their way in.  Is it lonely now, sat there on its own-some, in the cold earth, exposed to the elements with no creeping buttercup to snuggle up to? Probably. Since the couch grass is not longer there to mask its presence, is there a giant illuminated arrow floating above it, pin-pointing it to every geranium loving predator in the neighbourhood?  Possibly.  Have I killed this innocent with kindness?  I hope not.  I meant well.

7 thoughts on “Worry

  1. If you’re worried, put a bell cloche over it. Or a camp bed beside it from which you will provide 24-hour care and attention (though don’t tip gin over it). It will, no doubt, respond to all your cosseting by expiring rapidly. If mum (the plant I mean!) didn’t perform that well last year, maybe you need a bit of divide and rule in your domain. I don’t dig my geraniums up and divide carefully, I just have a look, decide where and then ram a spade into the ground, dig up the bit I’ve unceremoniously chopped off and shove it back in somewhere else. Geraniums thrive on a bit of the rough stuff. They make wonderful ground cover so I grow most of mine up trellises.

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  2. Oh, the fearful responsibilities of the gardener! I think the camp bed solution must be seriously considered. Too bad it’s still February. Strange, when you consider the miracles that occur in the garden when your back is turned.

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  3. I’m sure it will relish your attentions and thrive with some fleece or a cloche if a hard frost threatens. And, there will probably be others waiting to appear, and there are 5 of them potted up in my cold frame waiting for a new home……. and all shall be well.


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