It wasn’t anything like this today.  In fact it was pretty much as opposite as you could get.  The day was suffering from multiple personality disorder.  Torrential rain, hail and wind, with the odd teasing glimmer of sun and rainbow.

Today was due to be my first visit to a new client, a job I am looking forward to very much. Because of the unfortunate weather, I was forced to cancel our appointment.  This client is not altogether a stranger.  Those of you who have been paying attention will remember that a few months ago I started having singing lessons.  Ever the opportunist, this new client is my singing teacher.  Although I restrained myself for a while, eventually I couldn’t resist saying, in the nicest possible way, “you really have got to sort your garden out”.  Luckily she agreed.  We will be beginning in the front garden, “garden” however is an exaggeration. This space is overlooked by the kitchen-dinning area where the family spend much of their time.  It is also gazed upon by us warblers, through the large expanse of window which forms almost one wall of her music room. At present this outdoor space is comprised of a newly turfed area edged by a paving path on one side and a white wall on the other.  Full stop.  That is it.  Not one plant, and I am not counting the scrappy, uneven grass. The style of the rear garden is largely similar.

My singing teacher is wonderful.  Her home is full of colour and character, just like her, so why should her garden be so deathly dull?  The answer is, she doesn’t know what to do, she is scared of failure and she thinks it is beyond her.  This confident and talented woman says things like “but I will kill them”.  I suppose it is the equivalent of me saying “I won’t be able to sing that” or “reach that note”.  My job will be to convince her that not only can she make her own very personal garden, but enjoy creating and maintaining it.

So we are planning a garden full of colour; fuchsia pinks, sunshine yellows, cherry reds, big bright and beautiful!  We are going to grow cerise sweet peas, burnt orange escholtzia and golden marigolds from seed.  There will be cactus dahlias, Penstemon ‘Garnet’, beefy blood red opium poppies and Rudbeckia ‘Goldstrum’.  The walls will be painted, the plants will spill and clash and anarchy will reign.

But first it has has to stop raining and then we have to get all that builder’s rubble out of the soil, so as they say, watch this space …..


19 thoughts on “Rubble

  1. “Rubble” is the wrong name for this post. She’s listened to your singing for a while. Now you will experience her builders’ rubble for a while. Sounds more like “Revenge”.

    *Runs for cover*



  2. I am sure you will make a most wonderful garden for her!
    Somehow I cannot imagine a UK garden without being full of flowers (most probably a myth :0

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  3. You are the perfect woman for the job, your choices are lovely and I love the photo you chose for your post too. My husband sings in a choir, its such an uplifting thing to do.

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