Very Small Mercies

It was just as well that there were piglets and tree surgeons at the Farm today.  There was little else in its favour.  Wet, muddy, cold, miserable.  And I’ve got a stinky cold and a leak in one of my boots.  This has made me even wetter, muddier, colder and more miserable than usual.  A gorgon. Unlike the little piggies, who are absolutely adorable, although still quite shy.  I am looking forward to scratching their rusty backs and feeding them apples.

The tree surgeons amazed me with their aerobatics and for a while I forgot the constant mizzle/drizzle/rain whilst I studied their craft.

A bonus was the antics of Misty the lamb, who’s mum sadly rejected her.  Watching her snuffling her breakfast, catkin tail wagging furiously, put a smile on my face.  For a moment.

ps  You will be pleased to know that Mrs Duck is sitting firm.  This is even more incredible as not 3m away from her nest the builders have been jack hammering a trench, the debris lifted by a clunking digger and put into a rattling tractor for removal.  Let’s hope it is worth all her trouble. And earache.

17 thoughts on “Very Small Mercies

  1. Please don’t mention “scratching” in the same paragraph as “piglets”. Since helping with an overnight lambing many years ago, I have not felt able to eat lamb. I now have to envisage life without sausages. Tree surgeons know no fear! I could send you photos of them working in a blizzard (though mine weren’t so thin!) and refusing to stop when I asked them to. Lamb photo, see above. Duck news, thanks. That’s a Mum for you. I showed your post to Flora. She’s getting broody! 🙂

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  2. I hope you shake that cold off soon, some sunshine would definitely help. How absolutely lovely to have piglets and a lamb where you work, I’m catching up with news and imagining Mrs Duck has laid eggs already?


    1. Thanks Julie, off singing in a minute, think I might just about be able to manage the Frog Song. 🙂 As for Mrs Duck, she has been there for a week, to my knowledge. We looked in her nest yesterday when she was off stretching her legs and could only see fluff. Hope she is not deluded!


  3. Hope your cold is better soon lady….the lamb and piglets are so sweet. I found 7 eggs in the shed today…spring is on it’s way! Been doing zumba and weeding all day (not at the same time)… Won’t be able to move tomorrow😬


    1. Similarly, I remember staying on a farm when I was a very little girl and the pigs being the animals I loved the most. It also has stayed with me. Just goes to show how influenced we are at an early age, both for good and otherwise.


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