Magnolia ‘Marwood Spring’

Magnolia Marwood Spring

Not only is today the Spring Equinox it is also the International Day of Happiness. Doubly good. Spring is my favourite season, striving for happiness my favourite occupation.  Of course IDH is really about creating happiness, not indulging in it.  This ‘spreading of the happy’ has fringe benefits.  As gardeners we do our best to nurture both the utilitarian and the beautiful.  By doing this we make others happy as well as ourselves.  It warms the soul.  Appreciation, being able to inspire and educate, enlightening others to the joys of the garden, all make the hard work worthwhile. Springtime is when it all starts to become visible, when the shoots show, the seeds germinate, the plans become a little clearer.  It is a time of optimism and, yes, happiness.

Now it just has to stop raining.

This is a picture of probably the best magnolia in the world, ‘Marwood Spring’.  Taken by categorically not the best photographer in the world.  It is far more beautiful in real life.

16 thoughts on “Magnolia ‘Marwood Spring’

  1. You are so lucky to encounter all this wondrous beauty as you go about your “business”. I am jealous, but happy because it wasn’t raining inside the greenhouse. Such a beautiful flamingo pink too. (This will not end!)


  2. Always in spring I go through a process of remembering. It’s like running into an old friend unexpectedly. Oh, yes, there’s Magnolia! I remember you. Gosh, you’re looking well! Not that we have anything resembling a Magnolia in bloom here yet.


  3. International Day of Happiness? I have never heard of that. But spring does make you happy,specially if you are a gardener. And with the magnolias coming into bloom what more can you ask for? So far I just have Leonard Messel out and a very fine gentleman he is. Marwood Spring is a new one to me. What a wonderful colour.


  4. Optimism abounds, and we even have a little sunshine this morning. Keep spreading the word and the message of happiness Gill, it all helps. That is a truly gorgeous magnolia.


  5. Thanks for sharing. I love Magnolia and am also a Spring girl. I have just started a poetry blog here on WordPress and today’s poem is about Spring showers in case you have time to look? Happy Wednesday! Sam 🙂

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