Like Chocolate


Should I take on a new garden?


  1. Two lovely owners, eager and accommodating,
  2. An overgrown garden full of delights, some yet to be discovered,
  3. Cheese sandwiches,
  4. Great coffee,
  5. Human friendly cat from next door who likes to hang out with gardeners*,
  6. It is just down the road from Nancy Nightingale’s house,
  7. Easy parking and they don’t laugh at my reversing **
  8. They are planning to employ a SYM***,
  9. Akebia quinata the chocolate vine.


  1. I don’t have any time.
  2. It is a sanctuary for ground elder, couch grass, brambles, bamboo, montbretia, ivy and other such monsters.

So what do you think?

Of course I could always do a little bit of client shuffling and the SYM would be useful for the heaviest of the digging and I love a challenge and I think that just possibly I have made my mind up …..

*But not dog friendly.  Full on running attack on any canine that unfortunately comes within 100m.  Quite disturbing, possibly quite disturbed.
** They may do when I am not there, this is fine as I would laugh too if it wasn’t me.
***Strong Young Man

26 thoughts on “Like Chocolate

  1. Cheese sandwiches are tempting (especially if accompanied by Branston Sandwich Pickle). Friendly cat is also a plus (says resident cat* here). You’d better float SYM past your partner and invest your additional earnings in a pied-à-terre in case. AFAIK you’re chemical free but this involves ground elder (variegated’s controllable, otherwise !!!!!), couch grass (about as controllable as Chernobyl after the bang). And bamboo!!!!!!! If you take it on, please don’t come back here and moan. Rather, invest in a large bottle of Glyphosate** and don’t tell anyone.

    Do you not have a network (like I used to tho not for gardening) from which you may select a recommended gardener (in return for an undeclared commission)?

    Or stand at the bus stop and admire the pansy whilst frothing at the mouth and screaming “I can’t take this any more”. 🙂

    * Resident cat thinks you may be a crazy cat lady.
    ** Please make it pure Glyphosate, The added extras in the Roundup brand are worse than the Glyphosate!

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  2. The cat sounds like our departed Bubbles, canine hating, human tolerant, it may still be lovely when it wants to be. Cheese sandwiches good, good coffee very good, SYM excellent and Akebia quinata the icing on the cake. Don’t worry about the reversing, most of the folk who live around here don’t, despite the narrow lanes. Have you finally decided? Oh yes, those pernicious weeds……


  3. Let’s hear it for Strong Young Men! Good luck with that decision. It’s hard to turn down work. On the other hand, it can be hard to live with the consequences of not saying no.


    1. What is most sad is that they love dogs, they board them sometimes, but next doors cat (who in the way of all cats think that theirs’ is his garden as well) has an absolute hatred. They spend their outdoor time stopping fights! They are very patient as it isn’t even their cat.


  4. Made me laugh. I could really do wth a SYM*** or two. I once worked where there were geese. Not friendly. Chased me every time they saw me!


  5. I didn’t see any mention of CAKE in the pros. I could be swayed by some nice chocolate cake but could you?


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