Did I mention that whilst working at The Farm last week I lost my glasses?

As I am approaching my life-peak I am finding that reading glasses are getting higher and higher on my top ten of day to day necessities.  It has even overtaken marmite on toast. This doesn’t mean that I spend hundreds of pounds on designer frames and tinted, anti-scratch, UV protected, Dalek repellent specs.  Quite the contrary.  I have a posh(ish) pair for special occasions, for example when I need to see in focus, and the rest of the time I use cheap off-the-shelf, rough estimate of my prescription, acceptable ones.  This is because I mistreat them, and lose them.  In fact the ones that I mislaid last week were some left behind in one of the holiday cottages and never claimed. Waste not want not.

Quick, we are going off piste again, let’s head back to where we started, which was last week at The Farm.

It was a showery, gloomy day and my pockets were stuffed full of essentials; hat, labels, pen, tissues, camera, a danish pastry and my glasses.  Just before lunch I realised I had mislaid my specs, guessing that as I pulled my hat out of my pocket as yet another rain storm commenced, they had fallen out.  I retraced my steps.  I put out an appeal on the tannoy (they don’t really have a tannoy, I just told Mrs G which is good enough).  I squinted and peered and pulled faces that have undoubtedly aged me by about 30 years.  Who would think there were so many things that needed close inspection?  Then Farmer Tony gallantly came to the rescue.  “Have a pair of mine” he generously offered. “They cost 99p” he added, which slightly lessened the impact of his generosity.  So I have been wearing them for the past week. They are rather good in a Joe 90 kind of way.  And they have served me well.  There have been compliments.

Today, as I busied myself around the greenhouse I spotted the wayward set on the ground just outside the door.  A little muddy and one of the arms was broken, but apart from that absolutely fine.  Nothing that a sticking plaster wouldn’t mend.  As for Farmer Tony’s set, I have decided to hold on to them for a while.  You never know.

16 thoughts on “Found

  1. So it’s thanks to you that Asda have sold out of Marmite-flavour Easter Eggs (note I included “Easter”). The photo confused me initially – too many bits of spectacle – but they I realised you have acquired a rather snazzy pair from somewhere (I suspect not Farmer Tony). Now I’m off to run the bridge of those specs through image enhancement to see what I can get from the reflection of the photographer! 😉

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  2. Glad you found them! A great idea to use cheap ones when doing ‘not very important to focus on’ things :0 :))


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