Up and Downs


A day of ups and downs at The Farm.


  • In the orchard two of the new apples trees, Tom Putt and Farmer’s Glory, have unexpected blossom.
  • A pretty adolescent cat lurked about the site, tortoiseshell and rather timid.
  • The quince tree beautifully floriferous.
  • Plug plants arrived, including Pelargonium ‘Orange Fizz’ and Lophos ‘Wine Red’.
  • I found an ancient animal skull, bleached white.
  • Misty the lamb lolled unashamedly in the sunshine.
  • Planting out and potting on.
  • An end-of-play ice lolly.
  • Close examination of the understated, deepest maroon, flowers of a variegated pittosporum, sweetly scented.  Some of these blooms have already been visited by pollinators, their berries swelling at the base.


  • Rabbits
  • Bunnies
  • Peter Cottontail
  • Flopsy
  • Harvey
  • Roger
  • The White One
  • Bugs

If only they didn’t look so adorable, that is a weapon I cannot fight against.

11 thoughts on “Up and Downs

  1. You need to see if you can get Charles Hawes (Veddw House Garden and hubby of the renowned, Bad-Tempered Gardener, Anne Wareham) to pop across. He has an all-consuming aversion to bunnywabbits and has been known to indulge in a spot of early morning naked rabbit shooting. So you would get a modicum of extermination with a modicum of entertainment (if you were up early). And some photos (he’s also a photographer, you know), though no early morning selfies.

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      1. He saw da bunnywabbit before he got dressed. I said “all-consuming”. No bunnywabbit gets to chomp on his borders!

        Here, resident cat takes care of invading bunnywabbits and I keep my clothes on outdoors.

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