Gone Fishing

Lady Mantle went fishing today.  More accurately she went skimming.  The pond has become a little green in recent weeks, caused by a film of dastardly duckweed, not an ideal look for a healthy water feature. So Her Ladyship put on her wellies (for aesthetic affect only, she didn’t actually enter the water, although it was touch and go on occasion, and if she had gone in the wellies wouldn’t have helped much, but I did have my camera primed just in case, you really can’t miss these opportunities, and no I wasn’t wishing, well OK maybe a little) armed herself with her trusty fishing net and set to work.

Each net was examined for creatures which had been inadvertently transported from the depths to the light of day and these were quickly returned.  LM left piles of aquatic vegetation poolside, giving easy access for the critters that were missed to return back to their preferred habitat.   Here are a few that had a more exciting day than they perhaps were planning on.

A zillion tadpoles:


A dragonfly nymph:

dragonfly nymph

A shiny water beetle (and friend):

Three newts, or perhaps one newt desperate for attention:


And most exciting of all, a fine example of the very rare Exmoor Frogus plasticus:

Keep this last one to yourself, we don’t want to cause a commotion.



21 thoughts on “Gone Fishing

  1. That pond should keep her skimming happily for a week or two! And in the background, someone appears to be humping things around. And, it would seem, you, who are employed to do the gardening, are engaged in photography. Maybe I should get into this gardening profession lark!

    You might teach Lady M the techniques of removing duck weed. This is on the surface. At this time of the year, dragon fly nymphs are not.

    Here there are a couple of mallardus plasticus. Since they landed in the pond, no sign of heron fishyeaticus. Don’t have fish in the pond but the blighter took froglets, which I didn’t like!

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  2. Idyllic garden Gill. Must be a lovely place to work. I’ve not seen duckweed like that since I used to walk along a disused canal to and from work. The surface was lagged in it, but none seemed to adhere to the ducks. Curious.

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  3. Lovely garden and wonderful pond, so much wildlife in it. We keep thinking about a pond but the midge population here is already prolific and I’m not sure I want to encourage any more.

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  4. Love the frogus plasticus. Have you tried playing with the frog yet? You’ll find they are a bit addictive – we have a whole bucketful of these and they sometimes try and jump into the pond so who knows how many might be lurking at the bottom.


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