12 thoughts on “Up Close and Personal

  1. So hostilities are unilaterally declared πŸ™‚ Well I have at last found the shutter release button on my posh (new) camera so can now take photos instead of having to extract a frame from a 4-second movie. So there!

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      1. Not really, just frustrated by the new camera’s complexity! I mean, having two shutter release buttons next to each other and I’ve been pressing the wrong one. Glad you asked about the carthamus. Planning to get a photo when I can reorganise the greenhouse to give me a macro shooting spot. I was expecting narrowish spiny leaves but what I’ve got is more rounded, a lighter green than I thought, and not spiny at all. At least Flora talked sense into the cosmos and they’re now standing upright and budding; even had one producing a flower!

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      2. May be a daft question …… but why do you need to shutter release buttons? Sounds a bit too complicated for me. This little lens cost Β£20 and I thought for a laugh I would give it a go. Glad Flora is doing well, was a bit worried about her, all had gone a little quiet. πŸ™‚

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  2. Great capture; I know what you mean about the ‘posh’ camera, I have many problems with mine too; made worse when my husband comes along and uses the camera and changes all the settings!!!!


  3. Β£20 for a lens!!!!!! I have to start with more than that just to buy an adapter to which I can fit lenses! An “external” hot shoe flash will cost more than the b***** camera! Seems that the “obvious” shutter button starts a video recording*. The other button (mentioned about 20 pages later in the instructions), which (wait for it) RECORDS still photos, is in the middle of one of the dials. You need to press it carefully or you rotate the dial, which messes up the photo, or mess up the focus (same result).

    *This isn’t the same as a “burst” photo which allows me, after about 15 minutes of menu setting, to press the other shutter button for as long as my memory card will stand it in order to take (sorry, record) 30 (still) photos per second of some unexpected subject for as long as the shutter button (right one) is pressed. Of course, the 15 minutes of menu setting probably means the unexpected subject has moved on, unexpectedly, somewhere else.

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