Back on the Edge

Why would you want to work on a treacherous slope, which steeply falls away onto a busy road noisy with coaches and lorries, on any old day?  Far better to save that treat for when you can do it in persistent blustery rain and you have left your waterproof trousers in the car at the top of the hill.  Seems like I’m back on the edge again.

As I spent most of my time trying to stay upright and not step back to admire my work, there are no photos today’s work.  So instead here is a magnificent dark leaved rhody, enjoying the rain a little more than I did.

6 thoughts on “Back on the Edge

  1. What’s a “piccything”? Glad to hear you’re careful not to step back. We have those steep slopes here and lots of rain. Not a good combination for a gardener.


      1. Sorry but I didn’t make it up. It’s resident cat’s word for a photo. He uses it regularly on his web site, blog, Google Hangouts account and Twitter. I like the word so I nicked it. I have been certified sane by Dr. M Python if it helps.

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