What Happened Next?

Rosa 'Rhapsody in Blue'

On Wednesday myself and the posse went on a Plant Heritage trip to Cannington Walled Garden and The Bishop’s Palace garden in Wells.  Although a little soggy a good time was had by all.

One of my highlight was this rose named Rhapsody in Blue.  As you can see, if we were to get picky about it, it isn’t strictly blue, more of a mauvey colour.  However we can forgive it for this small misdemeanour.  It was full of bud, fragrant and, as I later found out, a repeat flower.  It is not however, contrary to a vicious rumour that was circulating to the detriment of one Maggie Maynt, thornless.  We live and learn.  She managed to staunch the bleeding eventually.

This was just one of many highlights.  I wonder how many highlight you are allowed?  If there were too many it would just be classed as, “a great day all around” which of course it was.  But there were things that were extra special.  Like this rose.

Anyway, as luck would have it they had one for sale in the plant centre.  What you have to guess is, what happened next?

16 thoughts on “What Happened Next?

  1. A single plant, you day? Then my guess is:
    The whole posse went into a state of rhapsody and a (fairly) amicable scuffle ensued to claim the plant – except for Maggie who concluded she’d had quite enough trouble with it already for one day. You had the good fortune to emerge victorious, and purchased the mauve beauty. The rest were left feeling blue.

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  2. Very nice rose. Flowers are a lot darker (purple) when they first open and they fade to that mauve colour. Reputably (and reputedly) the nearest to blue there is in a rose though I think Blue Moon is bluer.

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  3. I’m afraid I was the odd one out, I didn’t like it and I liked it even less after it stabbed me! I think it must have been after my blue blood. But don’t worry….. after the 3rd transfusion I’m now fully tanked up again.

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  4. I’ll have a few guesses if I may…
    1) an unseemly scuffle ensued, winner takes all
    2) you bought all the stock
    3) you distracted the proprietor while your accomplice grabbed two and did a legger. The Bishop, wise to these kind of antics when it comes to the blue(ish) rose, was waiting in ambush and all were subsequently nicked. You are now locked up in chokey, this blog now your only contact with the outside world.

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