Fox and Cubs

Pilosella aurantiaca

Again I am falling back on the “pretty picture less words necessary” scenario.

This is the flower of Fox and Cubs otherwise known as Orange Hawkweed or, for the botanists and swots, Pilosella aurantiaca.  I love foxes and their cubs and I also love this native wildflower.

Just in case you were wondering, ‘out of focus’ is very fashionable in these parts.  Please bear in mind that this is North Devon and we do have our fingers on the photographic pulse, the latest trends may not have reached you yet.

17 thoughts on “Fox and Cubs

  1. I didn’t know the common name. Otherwise, it seems I’m in line with the photographic trends – is so hot and humid, all I can take are out of focus pictures.

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  2. Like Mrs D, this is a new flower for me. I’ve now mastered turning that new camera on and pressing the right button to operate the shutter. I’ll work on the “f” in focus when I’ve managed to get the lens cap off. 😉


  3. Gorgeousness in orange, beautiful. I was hoping that you might have some real foxes I could borrow to chase off the cock pheasant and his five ladies currently wreaking havoc in my garden. My dahlias!! My phlox!! My carrots!! DOH!!

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