Land of the Giants

Alcea ficifolia

I’ve always loved stories that involve mini people living in the world of mega people.  These include Mary Norton’s classic The Borrowers and the 1960’s American TV series The Land of the Giants.  Giant safety pins as grappling hooks, sleeping in match boxes, finding enormous crisps to snack on and escaping from hungry cats (using aforementioned grappling hooks and elastic bands), all enchant.

Today at The Farm I thought I was at last living my dream.  I rounded the corner to find the Alcea ficifolia in full statuesque bloom, standing at least 2.5m tall.   The monstrous size of these fig leaved hollyhocks has been somewhat of a surprise, but I love them.  The spires, covered with saucer like blooms of palest yellow and white, both with a central grass green blotch, are a dramatic sight indeed.  Each time I spy them I smile, perhaps giggle a little.  Whether or not they suffer these wet winds is uncertain, but if they fall they may be of some use.  Perhaps some little folk will gather the flowers and make a flotilla of boats to sail away on the newly formed rivulets.

9 thoughts on “Land of the Giants

    1. That sounds enchanting! I also remember Little Grey Men, when they “borrowed” a toy yacht whose owner (a little boy) had put a blackberry and mint cream on board. They sliced the mint cream like a cake and pulled off globules of the blackberry and ate them like apples. Lovely.


  1. Oh! And did you read Terry Pratchett’s Trucker Trilogy?
    Love the photo, I do hope they survive the wind and rain for a bit longer.

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