Proverb of the Day:  Never get between a man and his meadow, especially when he is wielding a recently sharpened scythe.

I didn’t.  Now the cut wildflower hay is laying in state for a couple of weeks, spread on the ground from whence it came.  This will allow the seed to ripen and spill on the earth, ensuring that the cycle continues.

Look out for a guest blog coming soon, all about meadows and the lovely like.

8 thoughts on “Proverb

  1. A scythe! What a good idea – doesn’t use electricity or gas and is probably much faster than a push mower (remember those?). Definitely dangerous in the wrong hands, though. You’re wise to keep your distance.


  2. Scythes and wildflower meadows – seems like a picture from a ‘lost world’ – although they are still used in various countries. Said to be the activity which will make a man consume a huge amount of calories 🙂


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