13 thoughts on “Cunning Combos – Part One

  1. Lovely, I might just have to pop out and do some pot rearranging but I can’t match that shade of blue right now.


  2. I thought for a moment when I saw your title we were going to see you in some strange new outfit! Phew what a relief when I saw the photo, it’s certainly a great combo 😀

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      1. Doesn’t matter which way round YOU are. You have it easy (though the queues at garden shows indicate that you take your time). We fellas, though, could be in trouble if we impeccably dressed the wrong way round and an emergency arose.


  3. Unable to think of a cunning reply, I shall, henceforth, refer to you as Baldrick. And I shall add Combos to my next Amazon order in celebration. Bet you didn’t know that Amazon sold Combos! 🙂


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