We are really going to have to think of another simile.  I am racking my brain at this very moment. But I can’t.  So it you will have to bear with me.  Today was a roller-coaster of a day.  Fortunately each low had a high that exceeded it.

It started with taking my car to the scrap merchant.  It had failed its MOT, D minus, and its time had come to go to the great autobahn in the sky.   After much calculating I was given the princely sum of £32 in exchange for a car that is perfectly fine except for the fact the structure is rusting away.  Passing the condemned onto a perky chap with sleeve tattoos and extensive piercings he asked if she was still running.  “Yes” I replied “Great” he smiled “we need one, we crushed the rest”.  A little puzzled I asked why he needed a running model. “For the fire brigade, they need a vehicle for their training and exhibitions.”.  This made me very happy.  Good out of bad.

Then onto Nancy Nightingale.  By this time I was running late.  But if I pressed on all would be fine.  Then I hit a “Road Closed” sign and one of North Devon’s infamous redirected traffic routes. I arrived disgruntled and with crossed legs.  Soon all was calm again, the toilet door had been left ajar for easy access, my coffee was made, the garden was looking lovely and a present was waiting for me.  “Trespassers Will be Composted” What a fine idea!

After some leisurely gardening we belted out some rock ballads and soul classics.  My heart was lifted.

This high was followed by grid lock and dodgy reversing on the return journey of the inappropriate diversion route.  Still, no one hit anyone, which is always a good thing.  Then on to the garage to pump up my tyres in anticipation of our motorway journey tomorrow. Here I met a wonderful young man who not only moved my car for me when I got into a bit of a pickle, proceeded to pump up my tyres for me, for no reason other than kindness.

Then more gardening, a little shopping, and a smidgen of relaxing.

Not a bad day after all.  It could have been a whole lot worse.



5 thoughts on “Kindness

    1. Yes, I’m not going mad. I’ve done my research. You did announce to the world, on 28 November, that you had acquired a new car. Well not newly new but new to you and clearly of such a high standard that, on 29th, you would’t risk driving it along a narrow lane so rode in a Roller instead. How have you managed to reduce such a prime example of automobilia to a rust-bucket in less than 8 months? Then clearly another replacement car appears unannounced. But is quickly damaged when you drive into a road sign. The impact causes a toilet door somewhere to open slightly. I’m beginning to understand now. I think. 😉

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      1. I got a new car because I was warned the fiesta wouldn’t pass the next MOT. Then it did, well kind of it was only a couple of hundred instead of the £800 predicted. So we have had two cars for the past 8 months. But the fiestas time came in the end. Bavk to one vaguely functioning car. Which is important as I need a car to earn my humble living. All clear now? Ps typing this without my specs on, apologies for spelling 😊


  1. If the Fire Brigade are doing one of their exhibitions at the North Devon Show and it involves a car I will photograph it for posterity. I am always sad when I say ‘Goodbye’ to a car, Mr TT thinks I am daft but a car is much more to me than a conglomeration of metal and wheels, it is my freedom and independence. How lovely that yours will get a second lease of life and usefulness. And, I LOVE the sign! Do you think the rabbits and pheasants can be taught to read?

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