Cunning Combos – Part Three

Salvia involucrata

It appears that I am the owner of a magic coat.   The moment you put it on it stops raining, as soon as you take it off and leave it a leg stretch away, the downpour resumes.  Amazing.  I would prefer it had some other magical property, maybe invisibility, psychic powers or perhaps the ability to conjure bars of dark chocolate with salted caramel into my pocket on my command.  As it was, I spent a rather sweaty day trying to keep the weather clement.

I kept my coat on long enough to capture this Saliva involucrata and an unnamed day lily making sweet music in the sunshine.  Certainly a very beautiful tune.

12 thoughts on “Cunning Combos – Part Three

      1. Doing chores in Biddyford! Mr TT left his raincoat in the car so his forfeit was having to stand under the canopy holding my turquoise handbag while I went to fetch the car, that will teach him!


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