Blue is not the only Colour


My friend the Frustrated Gardener recently extolled the virtues of the blue hydrangea in his post True Blue.  I am totally with him on this one, they are an amazing spectacle at this time of year, to be honest I agree with him on most things.  But looking out off of my window this afternoon I spied my ruddy hydrangea, basking in the late sunshine, sadly neglected, planted by others, name unknown, and I thought, “do you know what?  blue is not the only colour.

16 thoughts on “Blue is not the only Colour

  1. Thank you. Your best is quite good enough thanks. Your other readers may ponder the imponderable significance of that comment if they will. 🙂 I have four hydrangeas. One in the ground grows blue without any help from me. Another grows pinkish-red, again without help. The other two are in tubs and are pinkish-ish. I tried making one blue but it wouldn’t co-operate. I also have the benefit of next door’s 7-8 feet high giant, planted ridiculously too close to the boundary and about to be hacked back, by about three feet, to it by me, with a careless sweep of a hedgetrimmer, so I can get to my cold frame. It may topple over under the weight of the other side one day. Their way. Maybe that’s what depresses me (other readers see sentence 3 please). 🙂

    Wonderful plants aren’t they. And a lovely photo, as always.

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  2. In agreement, too. I have a similar one in full bloom at the moment, a cutting from one that was here in the garden but in the wrong place, I thought it was worth propagating and now I love its cheerfulness at this time of year. My soil is too alkaline for the blues though the previous owner tried to alter that by planting hers over about 200 rusty bed springs! Have you been to Holhird Gardens, home of the Lakeland Horticultural Society? Their bank of hydrangeas in all shades of blue is just stunning.

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      1. Yes, interesting is the word, it would be nice to find somehing of value buried here.


      1. H. macrophylla ‘Mme Emile Mouillere’ is my favourite, a cutting did not survive the move down from Yorkshire. I must try and find her again.


  3. When holidaying in a Dorset cottage the owner gave me permission to take some cuttings from a lovely red hydrangea in the garden. I am waiting to see if it flowers the same colour here in Worcestershire soil!

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