Today I had some helpers.  I love helpers.

The day was splattered with small miracles:

  • We dead headed and there were very few floral casualties.
  • We collected seed from Briza media and Festuca glauca in a roaring gale, and some even made it into the pot.
  • We studied worms in the compost bin and spoke to snails in Snail language.  Caterpillars were peered at.  No creatures were harmed in the making of this documentary and most slithered away at the earliest opportunity.
  • We harvested cucumbers and figs and none were dropped or squashed.
  • We took it in turn to take photos and the camera stayed out of the pond, as did everyone else.
  • Falling over was practised and not a bone broken or tear shed.

Almost spent flowers were saved and made into an art work with the fruit and vegetables.  Ducks and sloths were impersonated.  Self seeded foxgloves were relocated.  We tried to fool a lupin that we were visiting bees.  Everything was watered, whether they wanted it or not.  A unicorn (real) was sighted.

I love having helpers.  And little ones are definitely the most fun.


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