18 thoughts on “Not Bad

  1. All that blinding white as was. Now, beautiful. One is reminded of Utopia Limited/The Flowers of Progress. I’m sure you can sing it to us soon. Shall we all be green with envy?

    Now we need to educate fellow WordPress bloggers on the tarting up of their sidebars (mine has auto-updated). And, of course, using the featured image feature will drive more traffic to your web site as those who subscribe via email will have to visit the site to see the piccything. I can rest as I don’t have a list of the 200+ blogs I follow to accommodate – I have a separate website for that (gardenblogs.online will soon feature several of your contributors). Sorry shameless plug.

    Your next blogging lesson will be uploading a favicon. Boots. Golden boots.

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  2. Well you are telling me three times that I’m following along with 1786 others. I guess that, like me you have a lot of email subscribers outside the WordPress system. Though you have a lot more, I’m jealous.

    Apart from that you are offering a “follow us” option which, apart from escalating you to the royal “we”, does nothing. It’s widgets you need to go for. Can’t advise more, sorry, as I self-host and things are different.

    Now don’t think that diverting attention is going to get you out of posting an audio clip ……. That will be your post favicon blogging lesson.

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