When I interview potential clients, just before the psychometric test and directly after the assault course, I subject them to my check list of pertinent questions.  Some might call it an interrogation. I have a clipboard and a steely gaze.  One of these questions is “do you have any pets?”.  Mr and Mrs Fish have two tabby cats, one lumbering labrador and three rescue goats.  Pass with distinction.

11 thoughts on “Interview

  1. Serene.

    And you are, of course, subliminally telling us that you have so many clients that you are able to turn prospectives down merely because they have a woman-eating rottweiler. Here, your only hazard would be resident cat who sneaks and curls up behind you waiting to trip you as you step back. Or dives in front of you as you walk down the stairs.

    Or jumps into the shower with you and then decides to play with the dangly “toys” by jumping up, claws extended.

    Oh, hang on, you can ignore last paragraph. Just chuck him in the pond. He likes a swim.

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  2. HI
    I thought I could subject you to this short ditty about one of my little cats that I lost: Thanks ! I call it

    greenery swag

    bright sun swaying tree joyful abandon sneaking in
    leaps and bounds – running smooth
    far away soaking up the adoration
    ruthless hunter
    black beauty queen stalking
    i miss you star


  3. Animal lovers are so often nice people, questioning about animals should be part of the interview for any job. Hope you enjoy yourself there.


  4. I bet Mr and Mrs Fish were well c huffed that you spotted the menagerie before the big decision!But one tabby is looking a bit reticent about the disturbance of his hunting ground?!!

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