Clog Popping

Meconopsis seed heads

It is that time of year again.  The time when, for those so inclined, pockets become full of seed of all sizes and persausions. Sometimes these collections are carefully placed in paper bags to be safely sorted and stored later, often they are wrapped in a corner of tissue only to be recovered after a 30C wash.

Not all plants donate obligingly.  A few are reluctant to set much seed and any are a Godsend. With others you must be quick off the mark, the seed are catapulted about the garden before you have a chance to catch them.  Some harvests are inevitable, such as the above Meconopsis napaulensis. This wonderful plant, the Satin or Nepal Poppy, is monocarpic.  No, this has nothing to do with toilet cleaner.  What it means is that once it flowers, it thinks, “job done” and then promptly pops its clogs.  In these delightfully furry seed pods it has, very wisely, produced a zillion seed to make up for this short and glorious life.

8 thoughts on “Clog Popping

  1. Thank you for the timely reminder to get out there to snip and pop a few pods! Cuttings season too I read – so spurred in by my heavenly motivator, definitely a God-send, I’ll assemble scissors, envelopes and boots and pots and get out there :)!

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  2. A lovely friend has sent me some Meconopsis seeds which I will hope I can get to grow in pots of ericaceous compost. I have Welsh poppy seeds from a neighbour. I have acquired some seeds of a lovely golden calendula. Advice please, should I sow them now or wait until spring?

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