To the front of Max’s house there is a very steep slope.  We are attempting to tame this area and it has proved to be a challenging task.  The problems are many, not least working on this extreme gradient which abruptly ends with a 1.5m stone wall, a pavement and a busy road.  Other matters include an infestation of oxalis, self seeded hawthorn and holly (ouch), the noisy road making chitty chat tricky, the necessity to maintain concentration rather than my usual state of perpetual daydream and, well, gravity generally.  Gradually we are making inroads, perhaps even winning the odd battle.  A self-imposed rule to work at least for a proportion of each session has proved fruitful.

The clematis above was planted to scramble through and down.  It started flowering last week for the first time and I was rather underwhelmed.  However this week my fickle eyes have been opened to its delicate beauty.  Balancing precariously I fished out my camera and took a photograph.  As often happens, my blog picture had presented itself to me.  After watering-in some Digitalis trojana  I climbed back to the top for the umpteenth time.  It was then that I realised that I had forgotten to look at the clematis label.  I decided that no one would mind if I didn’t have a name to share with you. We could perhaps treat it as a quiz of sorts.  A horticultural game.  Until next time I am in the vicinity.  And I remember.  As it could be a while for these things to coincide, I hope you will agree, it is very lovely.

22 thoughts on “Quiz

      1. Ternifolia’s common name is “Sweet Autumn Clematis”. It tends to white/cream with a mauve blush. Can flower any time between August and October which means a very long budding season, Clematis being all contrary like that (I’ve got spring Montanas in flower at the mo). I thought it might be Jouiniana (of the multiple names) but the colour isn’t deep enough to my eye and the curve back of the sepals is wrong. Oh, and did you know that Stipa is now Nasella?

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  1. To save you clambering back down I think it must be Clematis jouiniana ‘Praecox’. There seem to be a lot of vowels there, I hope I’ve spelt it right. Anyway give or take the odd ‘o’ or ‘i’, I think that’ s it. Very pretty and fragrant too.

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  2. Very nice Clematis, a glimpse at the leaveas and I would have said C. heracleifolia, so most probably the one you said – C. jouiniana, which is a bybrid of heracleifolia (and some other that doesn’t come to me…).

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