More of the same today.   We slipped and slided like a muddy Torvill and Dean, digging up self-seeded ferns and throwing them on to the Bonfire That Never Burns.  They will be quite safe there.  During a particularly heavy spell of rain I sheltered under a Paulownia.  It was even more painful than being in the open.  Anticipating when the huge drips that were falling through the gaps in the canopy would land on my head was quite disturbing.

This afternoon I decided that I couldn’t face putting on my sodden waterproofs, dripping gloves, wringing hat, squelching boots and doing it all over again.  So I went home.

12 thoughts on “Sheltering

  1. Ah, the luxury of having clients pay in advance and then quoting clause 934,353 of the contract which says “I don’t have to turn up if I don’t want to but you still have to pay me.”

    If a grumpy old Welsh git like me can have three sets of waterproofs, several pairs of gloves and boots and various hats, I see no excuse for a professional not filling her boot with the same. I laugh at bad weather and carry on* regardless. So should you.

    *Observing aforementioned weather from conservatory whilst pouring more coffee. 🙂

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    1. Unfortunately I omitted that clause in my contract. If I don’t work I don’t get paid. Sometimes I work and don’t get paid. Usually I do eventually. Today I was on set two of waterproofs and gloves and boots as yesterdays hadn’t dried out yet. I know you think its all skipping and playing with lambs, which to be honest it is mainly, but not always.

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  2. I think you did the right thing, you must have paperwork and emails and all sorts of things to catch up on in the dry. Or just have a nice hot drink!


  3. It’s been really warm and lovely here today. I should have gone home too, I can’t bear getting wet.
    A brown paper parcel wrapped up with string is winging its way to you as we speak.


  4. Oh, too bad! It was sunny here and I managed to plant quite a few bulbs. My daughter has a friend who decided on an outdoor wedding in July a few years ago. It shouldn’t have rained, but it did. They sheltered under a tree, but the leaves were dusty and the rain turned the dust into mud. It was a disaster for the wedding gown. Awful. Amazingly, they’re still married.


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