Colquhounia coccinea

Today was spent dodging showers.  Sometimes successfully, sometimes not.  In the greenhouse I planted tulips and potted up cuttings.  Curiously, one of the Colquhounia coccinea cuttings had produced, as well as some fine roots, an attempt at a flower.  I should probably remove this orange-lined scarlet trumpet.  Its efforts should be concentrated on producing roots and building strength for the winter, not wasted on frivolous showing off.  But I didn’t.  I rather admired its ambition.

10 thoughts on “Frivolous

  1. I have pelargonium cuttings that I cannot stop flowering (but you know that). I spent today less happily, forced to buy a new loo. Got carried away. Came home with a complete bathroom refit. Lovely showroom; thought I was in a garden centre! Well I needed a shelf for some plants.

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  2. I blame the showroom for looking too much like a garden centre! But loo+sink thing+shower tray+shower enclosure+shower pump+shower unit+all the plumbing bits were less than 50% of the total cost. The wall tiles and laminate flooring cost more! I think it will take me a week and a half to do the work. Damn, I forgot to buy corks. Now where can I find some of those…… ?

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  3. Oh that’s another conundrum in gardening, whether to nip off those little buds or not, I usually leave just one for a day or two.


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