Better Late Than Never

Impatiens flanaganae

A welcome day off.  After a wander down to the harbour followed by a bit of shopping, I thought that for a change I could do some gardening.  In my own garden.  I have spent the last few weeks preparing gardens for the imminent winter, protecting plants and where possible moving them undercover.   Just not here.

It was a bright morning, very cold though no frost yet.  A couple of degrees less and we could be in trouble.  This threat nudged me into action.  Pots were moved, detritus swept up, the hopeless disposed of, the minuscule greenhouse packed, others snuggled in groups ready for a fleece throw when needed.  It was a start.  Of course it might also be an end.

Impatiens flanaganae has begun flowering, better late than never.  I’m afraid there is “no room at the inn” for this South African beauty, my tiny greenhouse is full, I’m sure it will be fine in the stable.

10 thoughts on “Better Late Than Never

  1. Nice to hear that you can get to your own garden and greenhouse, however small, I have a greenhouse for the first time here in Hants, I thought it would be more than enough room, now of course, I realise that nothing short of a monstrous polytunnel over the whole garden will suffice. I love that pretty impatiens, hope it survives in the stable.


    1. The trouble is that if I am ever rained off, it is obviously raining so can’t get in my own garden. Then at weekends I am just fed up of being covered in mud all the time! Of course once I get outside I am hooked and don’t come in until I need my head torch on. 🙂


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