The Crypt


Today (the last day of work before my sabbatical don’t you know) was a “don’t venture into the crypt to investigate that strange noise” kind of day.  The drive to the Mantle Estate was thick with what would be romantically described as lilting mist but was in reality fiendish fog.  The House of Hammer would have been proud.  The weather didn’t matter, I had a lovely day.  Some work was done but that was incidental.  Lunch was a bag of Twiglets all to myself (their Lordships don’t approve, bliss), Lancashire cheese and crab terrine.  Presents were exchanged (but with great restraint not opened) (they may have been shaken), some inventive wrapping was done by Lady M (a secret) then a surprise visitor arrived with his mini-me’s to bring more festive joy.  My journey in reverse was just as hazy, with a stop off to buy some proper free range eggs for our Christmas breakfast.  I am indeed a lucky lass.

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