New Year’s Pelly

Happy New Year!  To those of you who are here intentionally, to the glam rockers who just happened by after googling “gold platform boots” and to the poor souls who thought that Offtheedge was a place in North Wales and are now terribly disappointed, come on in, you are all welcome.  Although a little late in my good wishes at least it wasn’t never.  To everyone I wish lots of wonderful things;  sunshine and puppies and aphid free roses, and definitely no storms which are beginning to get on my nerves now whatever their stupid names might be.

I am fully aware that this “I might not be working but I am certainly not having a break from blogging” is beginning to look very much like my “I’m having a little break from blogging”.  Rest assured, normal service will resume soon.  I blame the twiglets.

Here is a pelargonium that didn’t want to miss out on the celebrations.  Whether it will have any petals left after the storm is debatable.

17 thoughts on “New Year’s Pelly

  1. Your break from blogging was so last year. Please catch up. Pull your stockings up (my initial reference to another item of apparel was, I thought, a bit of elastic too far) and knuckle down. It’s keep blogging or I will mention but three words.

    Digital photo collection.

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  2. Hey, that looks like one of the two classic old pelargoniums that modern cultivars were bred from. We know them as geraniums here, which makes it confusing now that the other geraniums are coming into fashion again. I grow that one as well as the reddish orange on with the light foliar halos.


  3. All sorts of things prevent us from writing. A stuck L and an unreliable space bar stopped me for a bit – but I’ve levered up the keys with a long finger nail and have blown away the crumbs so I can post again and say Happy New Year!

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  4. Lovely cheerful Pelly, with that one flowering,how do you winter yours? I purchased some scented leaved ones this spring and lost some during the autumn. There is conflicting advice about over wintering them.


    1. I try to keep them as dry as possible and hope for the best. Some are in my little plastic greenhouse, some outside tucked away, some exposed to the bloomin’ lot! Wish I had a proper greenhouse …….


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