We don’t often have cut flowers in the house.  It is not that I have anything against them, and I invariably admire them in others’ homes, it just seldom happens.  Embarrassingly I have friends who are growers and naturally always champion British flowers.  As we have a very small garden any blooms are best left in situ and for some mysterious reason I am seldom bought them.  At this time of year I relent.  The moment I see the first daffodils of the year I am lost.  The sight alone of them bundled up, still tight in bud, brings a thrill.  To me they represent a corner turned.  Once safely transported home, hopefully still with all their heads intact, they are ensconced in my favourite vase.  Over the next few days they gradually unfurl their petals releasing their welcome perfume, reminding us of what joys are to come.

18 thoughts on “Daffs

  1. the earliest daffs for sale around here are usually from Cornwall or the Scilly Isles and I just love them. Two or three stems can fill a room with scent. I know spring is a way off still but the first daffs really do lift our spirits don’t they. Best wishes, Julie

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  2. Oh, I used to pick a lot of those because there was an abandoned field of them behind my Pa’s home in Montara. They had been grown for cut flower production, so were in rows. There were very fragrant narcissus too.


  3. You are SO right about these heralds of things to come, I have seen a few of them in flower here in the New Forest, growing on village greens and in hedges, amazing. ‘First Hope’ is a very early one that was in flower last week in the Harold Hillier gardens nr. Romsey, I was amazed, even their info sheet described them as crazy!

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