Featuring: Mr and Mrs Bun


Here is one of my favourite corners of Mr and Mrs Bun’s garden and this photo was taken in August 2016.  The steps lead down towards Garden Room, bypassing the top section of the garden.  The soil here is typical builder’s residue.  This detritus is so prevalent these days that I think the powers that be should accept this as an official category along with clay, silt and sand.  We have improved the structure and fertility as we can, adding compost and seaweed fertiliser, and for all its bricks and string and nails this sunny little corner seems to thrive.  Each year the permanent planting is supplemented by itinerants, such as dahlias and annual rudbeckia.  This particular year the burgeoning beauties were held back by a low hedge of Tagetes ‘Lemon Gem’ which provided not only colour but fragrance.  Lovely.  My cockles are warmed.

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