clematis and phlox

One of the many problems I have come across whilst culling and cataloguing my photos (apart from general inertia, irresistible diversions, mind numbing tedium and chronic indecision) is that sometimes I can’t remember what the subject is.  I look at a flower or a tree or a shrub and I think “face looks familiar but can’t put a name to it”.  At this point I enter into a yogic trance and stare at the mystery for a while convinced the answer will present itself.  Before I know it my mind has drifted off, mental shopping lists are written, lotto wins have been spent, and David Essex (circa 1975) has emerged Darcy-esque from a lake.  With a jolt I realise this isn’t getting the job done, so try again.  Often I convince myself that the name is on the tip of my tongue.  But its not.  Haven’t got a clue.  So I implement tried and tested scientific procedures.  Yes, I guess.  Or at least make an educated approximation/vague attempt.  This might be just the word “daisy” or “umbellifer” or perhaps “leaf”.  I might even pretend I didn’t see the offending picture and file it away unsullied by name or context.  Then I move onto the next one.  I can’t imagine why this is taking such a long time ….

Here is a rather splendid tangle of scrambling clematis and phlox.  I’m not sure what the full name of either is, in this case I don’t think it matters.  Just enjoy.

15 thoughts on “Problems

  1. I did enjoy, I love blue clematis. I have such trouble remembering what things are that I have to either take a photo of a convenient label, or write the name on a piece of paper, then photo that. No earthly point in me just writing it on a piece of paper as that always goes AWOL! Thank goodness for digital cameras as they give me the date, presuming that I have set that correctly.

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  2. I’ve been trying to cull my pictures too – ‘general inertia, irresistible diversions, mind numbing tedium and chronic indecision’ sums the process up for me too! I admire the fact you have many of them catalogued.

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  3. Considering how many phlox and clematis varieties are on the market who could remember?
    That would be a problem even for better organized photographers 😉

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      1. Even in my garden there are two phlox cv. that I have no idea which ones they are 🙂 they were gifted to me and the hummingbird moth loves them – so who cares about names :))

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