Six on Saturday – The Chilly One

Narcissus 'Tête-à-Tête' 

It is no co-incidence that the acronym of Six on Saturday, is SOS, dot dot dot dash dash dash dot dot dot, if anyone is listening please send help, preferably Tom Hardy.

In reality, I enjoy participating in this meme, both the challenge of submitting my post and joy of reading others’ offerings.  This weekly event is presided over by Prop the Collie who keep us sheep in order, and don’t we need it?  We are a disparate group.  There are contributions from across the globe and perhaps even further afield, I have my suspicions about The Haribo Kid.

Let us begin with Narcissus ‘Tête-à-Tête’, my go-to daffodil, which are bulking up well in a planter in the front garden.  Simple and delicate, bright and reliable, just like yours truly.   I am also very fond of Jetfire, in my racier moments.


Secondly we have three little strawberry plants, transplanted into a great big pot earlier this week.  Over the last few months, weather and illness permitting, I have been ferrying a generous donation of terracotta from Bill and Benjamina.   Due to the last ditch attempt of this season to actually be a bit wintry, unfortunately ever since planting they have been frozen in stasis.  Their roots are now petrified in granite-like compost.  I do hope they forgive me.

Secondly we have a pot.  This is one of several purchased at Fish Pye Pottery in St Ives and for that very reason it is a great favourite.  At the moment a pelargonium, unprotected in this freezing weather, is doing its best to stay alive.

Cerastium tomentosum

Now we have Cerastium tomentosumotherwise known as Snow in Summer.   It grows on top of the wall between us and our neighbour and is often the soft blanket that is leaned upon whilst gossiping or on which milk or cake or other contraband is rested.   I believe that next week we may well be getting Snow in Winter again.  Perhaps.

Melaleuca alternifolia

As luck would have it, our next subject also has the common name Snow in Summer.  This wispy wonder is Melaleuca alternifolia, perhaps better known as the narrow leaved tea tree.  It has many medicinal properties, antibacterial, anti-fungal, antiseptic, antimacassar (ha!).  Don’t eat it though, it is poisonous.  I suppose you can’t have everything.

I’ve always wanted a pair of sculptures to guard the front door, perhaps lions or greyhounds, standing proud and dignified.  Of course if you want to display that class of statue it is best to have an adequate standard of entrance.  Lacking in the palatial department, required compromise.  Instead I have pot feet, and to make up for lack of grandeur I have not two but three.  One elephant, one lion and one bit player in Star Wars.

That’s it, another one completed, how is the chart looking Mr P?


26 thoughts on “Six on Saturday – The Chilly One

  1. Love the stamp on the bottom of the pelargonium pot. My terracotta always suck the water out of the soil. Do you have a trick to keeping things nice or do you just water the beejaysus out of them?

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  2. Lovely terracotta pot ! For the Melaleuca alternifolia, with all these medicinal properties, too bad you can’t enjoy it because it’s not edible…. maybe rub the leaves ? I didn’t know anything about it but I read that it was used by the aborigines of Australia

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  3. You ought to ask for Shaun Evans, not Tom Hardy (I’ll leave you to work that one out). Cerastium looks interesting. I suppose I’ll have to build a wall next. You have such lovely feet. All three of them.

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      1. I did my Six on Saturday, but I do not know what the ‘chart’ is. I did not intend to make a habit of Six on Saturday, but you know how that goes.


  4. Somehow I didn’t see you as ‘simple and delicate’. I love your terracotta pot foots. Shouldn’t that be feet? Anyway they are better than the very large lions holding up limp wrists that someone near here has put outside his quite modest house. They look as if they should be carrying handbags.

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