To my shame, I have been a bit grumpy this past week.  Things have annoyed, offended, irritated me.  Not just once, but several times, different incidents, same reaction.  I have felt hard done by, unfairly treated, disrespected, misunderstood.  People haven’t reacted how I wished they would, I haven’t had my own way, my toys were unceremoniously thrown.  A cactus.

Today I remembered a tale that Lady Mantle had told me earlier in the week.

Last weekend they were travelling north to attend her Mother’s funeral.  The snow had melted just enough, the farmer having ploughed the rest, to let them escape.  The drifts had been a worrying obstacle atop of sorrow.  On the journey they stopped off at Cribbs for a break.  When they returned to the car and attempted to continue on their way, the car had other thoughts.  “What a nightmare” I said.  “Well yes” she replied “but as we were waiting for the rescue vehicle we noticed a woman nearby crying, it seems she was in the same situation as us.” But not quite.  Her Lovely Ladyship approached the distressed woman, offering help.  The headscarf gave it away.  It transpires that she was on her way to her next chemotherapy session, had popped to the shops for a moment and on returning her car wouldn’t start.  When the Mantles’ help arrived they asked if there was anything he could do to help her, and he did as much as he could.

What I so desperately needed pointing out to me, over the last few days, is that there is always someone worse off than yourself, kindness is as precious as riches and there is much goodness in the world.

Shame on me.

15 thoughts on “Shame

  1. No, not shame on you. I agree wholeheartedly with your next to last paragraph though! We all have moments where we don’t respond as well as we might have done. Nobody is perfect – sometimes would take a saint not to grumble a bit. You’re thinking about life, listening to others and have the humility to write your learning experience down for us all to see and share in.

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  2. You are human (well, I suppose that might be the subject of some debate 😉 ) Ups and downs are a part of the flow of life. You are convicting yourself of some offence against humanity that isn’t.

    The jury finds you not guilty. Now get back to beating up everyone you meet, elbowing everyone out of your way, flooring pensioners (that’s me). I know two words that will perk you up no end.


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  3. Nah you are human 👍 there will always be someone worse off that you but that doesn’t make the way you feel unimportant, yes we all have times when we feel pretty low, (having a spell as well) but there are reasons we feel that way and others may have more to deal with but who still have to deal with what’s upsetting you as well and that is just as important

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  4. We are all human, and it is just how our brains direct that we should work sometimes. Goodness knows why, it happens. And sometimes we need reminding that there is always someone worse off. An important reminder, thank you. And condolences to Lady Mantle, how caring she was to someone else in trouble.


      1. Oh thank you, that cheered my day, and please include yourself in the praise. I love it when your blogs make me think about other things a little more, x


  5. No, not shame on you. We have all had moments you describe. People certainly do not behave as they should. It’s a shock every time. I’ll never just be able to shrug it off. That is because I would never behave the same way. And I don’t understand why they do it. Someone did something very spiteful to me just last week. Excluded me from a programme we were supposed to be working on together. Just completely cut me out. I was embarrassed as people have asked why I wasn’t mentioned. What can I say. I felt hot and cross for a few minutes. Then I gave myself a good talking to. My grandmother used to say, pass the problems that people cause back to them (mentally). So I do that all the time. Hope this helps. And looking to find the good in others is reassuring. But it doesn’t mean you cannot feel angry. Sending a hug. Much love- karen xx

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