Alone Again, Unnaturally


It is not often I am alone at work.  This is not a complaint, quite the contrary.  I enjoy company when I garden, in fact I encourage it.  A bit of chit chat is rarely a bad thing.  Today, however, I was on my own for the best part of the day.   Except of course for Max, a bathing blackbird, a few bumble bees and a whole load of seagulls.  Without exception they are rubbish at gossip.  Max only ever wants to talk about sticks and chasing seagulls and bumblebees.  The blackbird was only interested in getting to those awkward parts just under the wingpits.  The bumblebees determined on finding a feast.  The seagulls intent on mocking and taunting poor earth bound Max.  Hopeless.  Luckily the sun shone, the buds plumped and the weeds pulled easily and I made do with rather interesting conversation with myself.

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