Erythronium Pagoda

Like most households we have designated jobs.  OH looks after bins and recycling, I am in charge of duvet changing and jokes.  Until today.  OH made a joke and it was rather good.  Although this is not to be encouraged, the relevant union has been informed, it did make me chuckle.  It went something like this:

Me:  Got to get up and shave my legs, today will be the first shorts day of the year.

He:  Don’t know why you bother, I thought you were a gorilla gardener.

It turned out to be a bit of chilly squib.  All started OK.  I slathered myself with factor 30, dressed in shorts and vest top, took a baggy shirt to wear for when it got too hot and found my summer hat.  The sun was shining, bees were buzzing, come on heatwave, do your worse.  And it did.  It was a shamefully disastrous scorcher.  At approximately 10am the sea mist enveloped the garden and stayed put until home time.  All that effort for nothing.  The joke was good though.

This Erythronium ‘Pagoda’ cared neither if my legs were hirsute or if the sun shone.  It was too busy being beautiful in the dappled shade.

10 thoughts on “Anti-climax

  1. Reminds me of that old saying ‘Ne’er shed a clout til May is out! ‘
    I got caught t’other way today – yes to a t-shirt but kept my long trousers on and was too hot by 10 am and no sign of any mist to cool it down.
    That pesky weather is always wrong!!

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  2. Oh snap! I did mine in expectation and Steve put his shorts on, that is until about 10:30 when the mists came down. So pleased to hear it wasn’t just our side of the river I was begining to get a complex. Here’s a little bit of sunshine for you😊

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  3. This damned heat wave! It’s just too much isn’t it! I missed it. Was stuck in an emergency “should we have a hose pipe ban” meeting. I suggested we should ban leg shaving to save water. Why, I wonder, was that suggestion branded sexist?

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