I am in the midst of turbulent times.  There have been adventures to be enjoyed, and they didn’t disappoint.  Next were events that had to be full-on faced, and so they were.  Some challenges are yet to come, and these will present demands anew.  Today, the eye of the storm, allowed me a healing day in my garden.  There were other claims on my time, but I was adamant.  This is what I was going to do.  And rightly so.  Now I feel ready to face the foe and the friend alike.

14 thoughts on “Adamant

  1. Days spent in the garden truly are healing. I hope you stick to your adamantness (adamantuousness? adamantosity?). Er, keep on spending days in the garden, no matter what the rest of the world thinks you should be doing.

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  2. Take time to smell the flowers – I never can remember where I first heard that but I try to remember it amidst the tumult. Your gardening friends are all with you.

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  3. Is the car still clean? What about the purple goo? What happened to the scary children? You are taking way too much ‘me’ time if these questions and others remain unanswered.


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