Omphalodes cappadocica – Navelwort


Tell me what is not to love about this plant?  If you try I shall ignore you.  I am smitten.  This is why.  The Latin name, Omphalodes cappadocica, is pure poetry, rolling off the tongue like golden syrup.  The common name, navelwort, is always worthy of a chortle.  The flower, as blue as an imagined spring morning, is pure perfection.  Enough, in fact more than enough.

11 thoughts on “Omphalodes cappadocica – Navelwort

  1. I agree this is such a wonderful little plant. I have clumps of it all along the edge of my borders and it spreads and flowers its heart out. The blue is more intense than forget-me-nots and they mix together beautifully. I buy it whenever I can. Can you lift and divide them or should I leave them alone??

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  2. I’m immediately attracted to that blue, but a quick Google tells me it likes dampish s hady places, so it’s out for me.

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