Today we went on a jolly.  It involved the following, which on the face of it appear quite unjolly, events.

  1. A very early start
  2. A car journey
  3. No train
  4. A bus replacement
  5. A young woman who talked nonsense at high volume, without a breath and mainly about herself, for an hour and a half.
  6. A train
  7. The hi-vis pupils of The School for the Extra-ordinarily Excited who joined us.
  8. A twenty minute walk through a Stepford-esque estate when we saw not one person, but for a rather reticent postman.
  9. Several hours of intense retail immersion.
  10. The purchase of unnecessary and cluttering items, to add to the rest.
  11. More spooky houses and no people.
  12. A long wait on a windy, cold train station, situated underneath a flight path, with views to the motorway and seats that only a yogic master would find comfortable.
  13. A train – not ours
  14. A train – cancelled
  15. A train – not ours
  16. A train – ours
  17. The returning pupils who had not worn themselves out one iota.
  18. A dash to the replacement bus.
  19. A man who wittered on for an hour as he was busy for the other thirty minutes sniffing and drinking cider.
  20. A car journey home.
  21. Collapse.

A great time was had by all.

12 thoughts on “Jolly

  1. It sounds very much like some of the excursions I had with students when I was teaching. There are similarities all over the world.


    1. Ha, yes it is a snowberry and I don’t like them either. There is a whole thicket of them at Button Moon and they are scheduled to get the chop, but the little flower in the dappled sunlight looked so pretty ……. Don’t worry I’m not going soft. They are still on the OUT list. We went to the new Ikea in Exeter and thought it would be fun to go on the train. The rest is history. 🙂


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